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Martine Challier

13 April 2018
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Yes, after several experiences not always positive, I saw born Sympathy Circles, Solidary Real Estate which has for me all the characteristics that must have an opportunity on the web.
Especially the head office is in England, regularly registered, and not on the other side of the Earth. I know very well the founders and the member responsible for communication. I have been fortunate to see its evolution and what touches me the most is to be able to see that the founders are constantly looking for improvements for the good and success of all members. Choosing options and paying members primarily by bank transfer is a choice of transparency and security. And what is for me personally super important compared to the values ​​that are mine is solidarity. Thanks to SYMPATHY CIRCLES, I can help a lot of people. Everyone can participate by simply inviting friends to attend conferences. Nothing more simple: word of mouth!! The recommendation is international and works everywhere. We use it every day without knowing it and besides with SC when we use it we are paid. I could still talk a lot but you may not have time to read everything, just know that if I get there, everyone can do it.

Martine Challier


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