Marc Wiedemann

13 April 2018
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This Solidary real estate club stands out from the first day.

The enthusiasm, the dynamic spirit to explain the operation of the club with such a great ease of communication fluid and natural, that we have only one desire, is to follow up.

Elsewhere (according to my personal experience), we were promised help to move forward. Either they did not have the skill talent, the time, the too commercial and stressful character, or we have "taboos" or other sticks in the wheels.

Here we have a completely different welcome and support.

We are put in the bath from the start. As long as we have the will to succeed and move forward, we are effectively guided by the driving forces of the group.

By Skype, there is always a time of dialogue available to motivate us, to support us during an interview with an interested person, to answer questions (even if it lasts an hour and a half!) To help us to make ourselves more comfortable with the inner workings of the concept.

Always ready for a conversation, even by exchange of writing to talk about everything and nothing in a friendly way that proves to us a real human contact with the reciprocal desire to discover other horizons without necessarily speaking only about the activity of the club.

Marcus, the founder of the company is just as open and accepts private contacts. He also remains ready and available as well as possible to have a friendly dialogue with us.

Nobody is hiding. The faces are uncovered, so no mystery as is the case with certain concepts.

A seat in London and not in Cyprus (like most companies these days) is also a sign of the company's desire for authenticity.

Honesty and the desire to do well are also great qualities: Instead of hardening the marketing plan as the leaders of some other concepts do, the company always tries to see how to make it even more rewarding.

A philanthropic side always pushes them to see in the interest of the members, such as how to make sure that we can increase our revenues even more quickly.

Coaching, communication and sincerity in specific acts with talent including a warm welcome, as well as excellent moral support are the strengths of the company.

Marc Wiedemann


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